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RAW Summer Bouquet Honey

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Summer Bouquet Honey is the latest addition to our catalogue. Bees were collecting nectar from the late summer wildflowers blooming around our Apiary. The mixture of different flowers and herbs brings the taste a unique twist with a heavenly soft, butter-like texture. You can taste roses, dandelions, wild geranium, clovers and more in a single spoon of golden happiness. Summer Bouquet Honey is also packed with many nutrients to boost your immunity.

Winner of a 1-star Great Taste UK Award. Harvested August 2022

Taste: It has a delightful medium-sweet taste that grows with the finish.

Aroma: Wonderful honey aroma and delicate floral scent.

Colour: Bright yellow, opaque colour

Best with: Pancakes, crepes, porridge and muesli.


We aim to bring you the best quality honey from Bulgaria. All of our honey varieties are single-origin, unfiltered and unprocessed. Every batch is tested in a certified laboratory.

Storage Info: Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

*we love Nature, so please recycle your jars*


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