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Lavender Essential Oil

Ointments and Salves

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As beekeepers who love all-natural things, we are trying to use everything that nature offers, especially products from our Apiary.

Using Propolis, beeswax and honey in your daily skincare routine has been known for a long time.

These homemade salves are made with Olive Oil, Propolis, Beeswax and essential oils and are must-have pantry item number one.

Available in three types to cover all needs:

🌹 with Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and Cocoa butter for revitalising your skin and smoothing fine wrinkles
🍯 with Propolis and Lavender Oil from our garden for very dry and flaky skin, eczemas and dermatitis
🌿 with a mix of herbs like Black Wormwood and Devil’s Claw, Camphor Oil and Rosemary for relieving muscle pain and inflation.

All natural ingredients, no artificial colours or scents are added. Each salve is 25 g.

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