Medjoul dates “Jumbo”

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We at Princess Bee are working on projects to support small producers, who, in return, can supply more significant markets with fresh, clean and natural products. And we are happy to introduce our first collaboration with small farmers from Jericho, Palestine.

The Medjoul dates are well known worldwide as a superior and unique fruit. For Medjoul dates to grow, specific weather conditions are needed, such as very high temperature and low humidity. This is why the best Medjoul dates are produced in Jericho by many date farmers. This date variety is generally deemed the top quality category because, compared to other types of dates, these are the largest and the richest in taste. In addition, they are rich in minerals, fibres and vitamins and represent a natural sweetener alternative to sugar. This date variety is characterised by soft texture, rich moist and a juicy sweet taste.

To know more about the fantastic benefits of Medjoul Dates, click here.


WEIGHT per date: ranges between 22 g. and 28 g.

Medjoul Dates are the perfect gift for any occasion. All you need is to try one bite of this juicy delight, and you will get addicted to the sweet caramel taste.


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Storage Info:
Store in a refrigerator away from direct sunlight.

Size: 500 g.


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