Medjoul dates “Jumbo”

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Ajwa Dates

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Ajwa dates are a soft dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. It is cultivated at Madina Tayyiba. A delightful, soft and fruity date with a fine chewy texture and a sweet flavour with hints of caramel, honey, and cinnamon. Ajwa date tree is one of the most ancient trees in the world and refers to a type of date all of which have their origin in a palm tree planted by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

They are rich in potassium which can help reduce the risk of stroke and can ease anxiety. Effective in preventing abdominal cancer, abdominal diseases, disturbance in intestines and many more.

Ajwa dates are quite rich in iron, fluorine, dietary fibre and essential fatty acids that aid weight loss.

To know more about the amazing health benefits of these dates, please click here.

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Storage Info:
Store in a refrigerator away from direct sunlight.

Size: 350 g. For bigger quantities, please contact us!


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