plan contributor

Plan Contributor

You like our thinking and enthusiasm and are willing to support us, but you are not quite ready to commit to an entire bee family. That’s great, and we completely understand. With the Contributor’s plan, you can support us in maintaining our operations, the bee garden, the equipment we need for the bee families and many more. Thus, in return will have a direct impact on the environment and the pollinator’s habitats.

What is included:

  • Support of an existing bee family and beekeeping operations in our garden in Bulgaria for one year 
  • Voucher for 30% discount on our products
  • Email updates and news from the Apiary
  • 60 000+ kg Carbon Dioxide removed
  • 120 000+ pollinated plants

Price: 1000 AED per year *

plan parent

Plan Parent

We understand that keeping bees is not an easy task. Sometimes, that is not possible because of our location or a physical problem. With Adopt a Beehive project, we would like to allow people from all walks to experience what is to be a beekeeper, even only “virtually”.

Adopting a Beehive is not only “virtual” beekeeping but a great way to help the Planet. Join us in fighting climate change and support food diversity. Be part of the solution; it is in our hands to help the Planet to heal.

What is included:

  • One Hive with a new Bee Family in our garden in Bulgaria – (more bees = less CO2)
  • Give a name to your Queen Bee (kids love it!)
  • 10 kg of pure raw honey extracted under full transparency from your beehive and delivered to your doorstep for FREE
  • A Digital Certificate with your name or the person to whose the beehive belongs (a unique gift idea)
  • Personalised content, news and pictures from your hive
  • 120 000+ kg Carbon Dioxide removed
  • 360 000+ pollinated plants
  • and more…

Price: 3500 AED per year *



Every modern Company, no matter small or big, should consider its impact on the environment and the communities. The new trend is to be responsible, and the customers demand businesses take action against climate change and the health of our planet. 

Did you know that:

  • 66% of customers are willing to pay more for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.
  • 91% of the global population is interested in hearing about corporate social responsibility initiatives, but the message must be honest and transparent.

*Source: Nielsen Global Report Study

Companies committed to sustainability will create a bigger purpose for employees, reduce costs in your supply chain and drive innovation in your company. Your efforts will boost your competitive advantage. Don’t let your company be the one that’s stuck in the past.

What is included:

  • Company Beehives with your name and logo located in the best location in our garden in Bulgaria. Your adopted hives will stand out from all the others in the apiary with a  plaque with your company name and logo.
  • Hard copy of Certificate of contribution
  • Your Company’s Social Responsibility Model checked. At the end of the beekeeping season, we will prepare a report on the development of your hives. It is a significant part of the ecosystem – bees pollinate millions of flowers daily and contribute to the biodiversity around them. We will describe their achievements and provide you with a report with measurable benefits for the year.
  • 10 kg of pure raw honey for each adopted beehive – great for Corporate gifts and Employees (with personalised labels with your brand).
  • Carbon Neutral Company and greener brand.
  • Customised value added offers.

Price: please send us an email to discuss what will be the best option for your company

*this is a recurrent subscription for one year. If you wish to unsubscribe, please send us an email before the date of your payment.