waste not strawberry chilli sauce

Strawberry chilli sauce - waste not

The waste of the Commercial kitchen is a well-known problem. Not only, but in our kitchens every day we have so much unwanted food. What do you do with all the scraps and leftovers? It could be a full-time job to simply make up delicious things of all the bits and pieces.

According to Dubai Carbon, the UAE ranks among the top nations for per capita waste generation in the world. Roughly, 38% of the food prepared every day in the emirate is wasted, which jumps to around 60% during Ramadan. The decomposition process of food waste emits methane gas, which is reportedly 25 times more damaging than CO2.

Food amounts to 40% of the average household bin, whereas there are many options to better manage excess food. 

Our friends with revolutionary thinking from Natoora have some very interesting recipes to share. We tried their chilli sauce with freshly made cornbread and it is mind-blowing! Look them up for some inspirational ideas on how to make the future a better place.

Here is the recipe:

You’ll need:

1kg overripe/bruised strawberries macerated with 100g sugar (you can replace it with honey)

2kg red chillies

1 white onion

100g basil

Water to cover

Work out salt as 3% of total weight (inc. water)


  1. Combine the strawberries with the red chillies. Add a couple of white onions, a bunch of basil and enough water to cover them plus 3% salt of the total weight.

  2. Leave to ferment for about 10 days at room temperature. The acidity from the onions gives the sauce a tanginess you would normally have from adding vinegar to the final sauce and the strawberries end up as a delicious contrast to the heat.

  3. Strain the liquid off and simply blend it up adding a little of it back in until you achieve the right consistency.

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