3 essential tips on how to choose real honey

3 Essential tips on "How to choose real honey?"

When it comes to choosing the healthiest honey, one may feel tired only by thinking of it…

Honey nowadays comes in so many shapes, colours, bear-shaped jars, glass jars, plastic containers, local, organic, pure, raw, filtered, unfiltered…do you feel dizzy already?

And all of them are stating “100% natural honey”. But is that right?

So how do you choose the right honey?

To help you go through this seems to be a hard task, we will suggest you look for 3 tips:

Tip 1: Choose raw!

That bear-shaped easy-squeeze bottle may look very attractive, but most of this type of honey is often heated at high temperatures (pasteurized) to create a quick-flowing product. While this may sound exciting, it damages the honey. During the pasteurization process, high temperatures destroy enzymes and vitamins found naturally in honey.

Raw honey is just the opposite. Raw honey has not been tampered with, heated, or processed. It is the way how bees made it in their beehives. At Princess Bee, we never heat the honey. We bottle it quickly after harvest, before the crystallization process start.

Tip 2: Choose unfiltered!

Honey naturally contains vitamins, enzymes, and pollen–all of which are great benefits of natural honey. But during the pasteurization process, honey is often over-filtered, removing these natural goodies. When you choose unfiltered, you know that the natural parts of honey have stuck around. At Princess Bee, we lightly strain out unneeded bee parts and wax before poured in our jars. The result is our delicious amber-coloured raw and unfiltered honey, packed with flavour and nutrients.

Tip 3: Choose from beekeepers!

When possible, buy honey directly from beekeepers. This not only will support the local and small producers but also will ensure the source of the honey. Many big companies buy honey in bulk from different countries and filter, blend, and pasteurize it before it reaches supermarket shelves. Beekeepers rely on their only supply of honey, their bees. And better they care of them, better harvest they have.

At Princess Bee, we pride ourselves on being more than just honey sellers. We’re beekeepers, farmers, Nature’s advocates. Creators. Thinkers. Faith followers. Leaders. Storytellers. The black label is a commitment to excellence that you are receiving the highest quality honey possible. Honey is our business, but our mission is to provide healthy products to you and your family. We place a high priority on taking care of our community and helping those in need. When you choose us, you choose much more than just a jar of honey!

Now go ahead and purchase your real honey in a glass jar without doubting or sweating. We do the hard part for you, so you can have more time to enjoy it ❤️🐝

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