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Bees worldwide are disappearing, which soon will lead to catastrophic consequences.

Climate change, overuse of pesticides, and loss of habitat are the main reasons why one-third of all honeybee colonies vanish, known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Without bees, the availability and diversity of fresh produce would decline substantially, and human nutrition will suffer dramatically.

We need more bees, which can help achieve a sustainable environmental balance. Beekeeping plays an essential role in Agriculture, Food diversity, Soil Health and Climate change.

Join the Adoption Program now and become a beeKEEPER and a contributor to a greener future for our Planet.

putting bees and the planet over profit.

Bees are essential to the natural environment, but sometimes we take them for granted. They are responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the flowering plants worldwide and approximately 400  different agricultural plants.

Our food depends on them!

Become a member and be part of the solution

more bees · more food · less carbon

direct impact

Working with nature in mind has a direct impact on the environment, like planting a tree or cleaning the beach.


Trust and goodwill are the core of our organisation. You will see where your money is invested and how we spend them.

reduce your CO2 footprint

A man needs 30 plants to offset the emission from charging a smartphone. A single bee pollinates 5k plants per day.

help pollinators

Alongside setting beehives, we also make new homes and plant food for other essential pollinators.

be the solution

Not the problem. Be a responsible citizen. Nature needs nurturing, and we are a part of nature.

help biodivercity

Bees play a crucial role in the complex ecosystems of our planet. They are essential for pollination, which is vital to all life on Earth.

Choose your plan

All plans are yearly and will renew automatically unless cancelled


1000 AED per year
  • Support an existing Bee Family for one year
  • Digital Certificate
  • Vaucher for 30% discount on our products
  • Email updates and news from the Apiary
  • 60 000+ kg less Carbon Dioxide
  • 120 000+ pollinated plants


3500 AED per year
  • Support a Hive with a new Bee Family
  • Give a name to your Queen Bee
  • 10 kg of pure and raw honey extracted from your beehive
  • Digital Certificate
  • Personalised content, news and pictures from your hive
  • 120 000+ kg less Carbon Dioxide
  • 360 000+ pollinated plants
Most Popular


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  • Company Beehives with name and logo
  • Hard copy of Certificate
  • Your Company's Social Responsibility Model sorted out
  • Pure honey for Corporate gifts and Employees
  • Carbon Neutral Company and greener brand
  • Customised offers

our power in numbers

installed beehives
200 k
healthy & happybees
700 k
pollinated flowers
40 t
carbon dioxide removed

if you are...


An individual who:

  • want to be a beekeeper, but have reasons that stop you from keeping bees 
  • admire Nature and wants to help the environment
  • is conscious about his CO2 footprint
  • likes to be part of a growing society of doers
  • loves natural honey

A company that:

  • is intended to have a positive influence on the world
  • is focused on community investment opportunities where your contribution can make a real difference
  • invest in its positive image and greener logo
  • is concerned about the environment
  • cares about its employees’ well-being

This program is made for you!

We can do so much better together.

All together for the planet, and we mean it. We can do far more together than we can alone. Saving our planet takes more than what one person, company or organisation can do on its own.


Most frequent questions and answers

My team of trained beekeepers and I will install a beehive with a new family. This will ensure the increase of pollinators in the area, which will help the whole ecosystem. And most importantly, you will start reducing your CO2 footprint from the first bee out of the hive. We will be in touch to discuss your Certificate, the name of the Queen and honey distribution.

Yes, you can. You will have to travel to Bulgaria, but don’t worry, we will help you organise everything.

Yes, it is possible. You can submit to our contributors’ plan or send us help as a donation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.

We will harvest the honey from the whole Apiary once per year, pack it and send it to Dubai. Once the shipment arrives in Dubai, we will contact you for delivery arrangements. FREE of charge!

Yes, that is possible as a value added option. 

You can join anytime, but we will install the new bee families from April to the end of August. This ensures they will have an optimised chance of surviving the winter months. If you join the program after the honey harvest season, you will receive your raw honey from our standard beehives. 

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