Natural Raw Honey

from Bulgaria

Welcome to Bulgaria, our home.

land view of Bulgaria

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Our busy bees proudly make natural raw honey in Bulgaria’s pristine meadows and virgin forests. Remote areas, clean waters and pure air this is what make the taste of our honey so unique. Step into this untouched beauty and experience the health benefits poured into each jar.

lake view from Bulgaria
lavender fields in Bulgaria

Who are we?

A family-owned business, producers of small-batch single-origin raw honey. An inspiring story of love and passion, tide up with a Moroccan-Bulgarian family bond. We are dreamers, travellers, farmers and beekeepers. We are seekers of untold stories and would love to share them with you over a cup of Moroccan tea, sweetened with pure raw Bulgarian honey.

pouring Moroccan tea with raw lavender honey
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Cold extracted and coarsely filtered, the honey preserves its high pollen content and nutrients. Unpasteurised and unheated.

The honey comes from our beehives. Small batches, skilfully packed with passion and care.

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Princess Bee Natural Raw Linden Honey with honey dipper
Natural Raw Linden Honey and lemons
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We strive to protect the environment and give back to Nature. Delicious honey, responsibly made. 

Our Bestsellers

Honey made headlines recently with news that it’s superior to the usual remedies for improving upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, skin problems and many more. But this isn’t the first time honey has generated some serious buzz. Often referred to as liquid gold, several studies have demonstrated that raw honey possesses significant health benefits.

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