Our model

Saving our planet takes more than what one person, company or organisation can do on its own. Involving people from all walks by passing our knowledge is a step forward to a better future.

In short: we take good care of the bees - they do all the magic.

While there are many ways to help the environment, Bees for the Planet provides three membership programs: supporting, individual, and business membership, which add value and opportunity for those committed to supporting our planet.

our model

Plan: Contributor

Do you like our enthusiasm, and you are willing to support us? That’s great! By doing that, you give life to over 60,000 bees and support a beekeeper. With the “Adopt a Beehive” program, you contribute to the plant biodiversity and the increase of the bee population.

What is included:

  • Support of an existing bee family and beekeeping operations for one year
  • Voucher for 30% discount on our products
  • Email updates and news from the Apiary
  • 60 000+ kg Carbon Dioxide removed
  • 120 000+ pollinated plants

How it works:

  • Choose how many beehives you would like to support.
  • Submit your payment through the payment gateway.

Plan: Parent

We understand that keeping bees is not an easy task. Sometimes, the reason could be our location or a physical problem. With Adopt a Beehive project, we would like to give this opportunity to people from all walks. 

Adopting a Beehive is not only “virtual” beekeeping but a great way to help the Planet. Join us in fighting climate change and support food diversity.

And your new pets will repay you with delicious and high-quality natural honey.

What is included:

  • One Hive with a new Bee Family in our garden in Bulgaria (more bees = less CO2)
  • Give a name to your Queen Bee
  • 10 kg of pure raw honey extracted under full transparency from your beehive and delivered to your doorstep for FREE
  • A Digital Certificate with your name or the person whose the beehive belongs (unique gift idea)
  • Personalised content, news and pictures from your hive
  • 120 000+ kg Carbon Dioxide removed
  • 360 000+ pollinated plants

How it works:

  • Choose how many beehives you would like to own.
  • Decide the name of your Queen.
  • Submit your payment through the payment gateway.

*contact us before payment if you are adopting more than one hive.

Plan: Corporate

A corporate social responsibility program that supports beekeepers and the bee cause. Our project is for modern companies who understand that giving back to nature is the new successful business model. If you are a company that is intended to have a positive influence on the Planet and is focused on community investment opportunities where your contribution can make a real difference, then this project is the perfect fit. 

There are many ways to impress your corporate clients and improve your employees’ well-being. Giving them a personalised jar of natural raw honey from company-owned beehives is definitely among the top unique ones!

What is included:

  • A certificate that you will be able to hang on the wall in your office and share with all the good deeds of your company.
  • At the end of the beekeeping season, we will prepare a report on the development of your hives. It is a significant part of the ecosystem – bees pollinate millions of flowers daily and contribute to the biodiversity around them. We will describe their achievements and provide you with a report with measurable benefits for the year.
  • Your adopted hives will stand out from all the others in the apiary with a  plaque with your company name and logo.
  • 10 kg of pure raw honey for each adopted beehive – great for Corporate gifts and Employees (with personalised labels with your brand)
  • Carbon Neutral Company and greener brand.
  • Customised value added offers.

What we do to be friends with nature

As we speak, we grow with every day and every new client. We аre doing our best to improve and be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The health of the bees is our most priority, and to ensure that, we:

  • we practice natural beekeeping and keep the bees in their natural environment
  • we don’t use any antibiotics or chemicals on our bees or bee garden
  • we don’t feed them artificially (this practice is reserved only for emergencies when we need to save a colony)
  • we don’t extract honey that the bees will need for the winter, only the excess amount
  • we plant pollinator-friendly gardens to support the bees and other pollinators with nectar and pollen
  • we don’t clip the wings of our Queens (a practice some beekeepers use to avoid swarming)
  • we compost our food scraps and use this compost in our bee garden
  • we use rainwater for the garden

Other practices in our operations are:

  • we recycle all plastics and boxes from shipping and packaging 
  • we use glass jars only
  • we use paper stickers
  • we use paper bags
  • we use carton boxes from recycled materials
  • we avoid plastic in our packaging

With care for the bees

Our mission is to stop the negative trend of bee extinction. Through innovative solutions and holistic approaches, we protect the planet’s most precious creatures.

Ready to make an impact?